søndag 24. oktober 2010

Communicate, because I'm a communist.

How to communicate better.

1. Keep your eyes clean. Eye contact is key when communicating. Unibrow? you should consider nipping the middle, or even consult a specialist for laser removal. Messy eyebrows, or too defined eyebrows are both distractions for a beautiful naturally pleasing look.

Use cold coffee to remove baggy eyes. Just put some coffee on your bags and they should go right down.

2. Keep your skin clean. Again, it's important to keep a refreshing look going.

3. If you feel like moving your hands, do, but if you can't handle it, don't even try. Nothing is worse than gestures that don't go with your words, it makes you look insecure, as if you're trying too hard or trying to scratch a nervous itch.

4. Listen to Pink Floyd. If you don't like it, you can get out.

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