lørdag 16. oktober 2010

I trolled a wolf today, shit was so cash.

AIDS Wolf? AIDS Wolf.

This band is pretty cash, and their new album recently came out on Spotify. As a huge fan I naturally already had me a listen.
AIDS Wolf – March to the Sea

This is noicerock at its outmost quality. It sounds like Deikitsen Wolfram Lupus' zombie has come back from the graves to yell about his pain through that wrecked vocal chord of his which he got from hanging himself with his own leash. It sounds like babies fighting against each others with chainsaws.
You know that Susan Boil? Hell yes, AIDS Wolf sound like how she'd sound like if she was being eaten by a guitar playing shark!

The band is an artistic clash ecstasy of to me, but this is not for everyone, nor for every mood. This is noise. It's not brutal, it's not prog, it does not contain any melodic elements. It's pure noise, mixed with orgasms. noisegasm?

I hope you love it.
AIDS Wolf - Chinese Roulette

- MusicalGonzo

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